Syuzanna Avetisyan



Arusik Avetisyan

My name is Arus, I attend to 10th grade of Hamlet Atabekyan High School. I also study piano at the music school in Ijevan. I love listening to music and reading.


Lilit Amirghanyan

My name is Lilit, I'm 16 years old. I love dancing. I attend classes in Ijevan together with Monika. In my spare time I usually dance or read. 


David Yeganyan

My name is David. I set up my own bakery in Sarigyugh when I was 21. I was awarded best young entrepreneur of 2019 by the Prime Minister of Armenia. I'm passionate about history, business and community building. I have a son of 3 years old. He is spoiled.


Nare Araqelyan

My name is Naré, I'm in 10th class of Hamley Atabekyan High School. I attend Armath Engineering Laboratories and I love playing chess.


Alisa Voskanyan

My name is Alisa, I'm in 12th grade. I attend painting courses in Ijevan. I love to draq and read.


Monika Poghosyan

I'm Monika. I study in 9th grade of Sarigyugh High School. I attend Dance classes, English classes and Mathematics. I love to dance. 


Anna Haghverdyan

I've been involved with the NGO since May of 2019 as Secretary. I studied Business Administration with Lucine in 2008 and we have been friends ever since. I'm an officer in the Dutch marine and luck enough to travel the world for work. I love hiking, white wine and sunny beaches. 


Astghik Ellaryan



Nina Revazyan

My name is Nina, I'm 16 years old. I have one brother and one sister. I love reading books.


Ani Araqelyan

My name is Ani, I study in 12th class of the highschool in Sarigyugh. I´m learning english in my spare time. I love photography. 


Edita Ellaryan

My name is Edita, I'm 15 years old. I'm very outgoing, spontaneous, I like joking around and smiling. My ambition is to become a business lady. 


Puzzles' 5 Pieces is a rock/rap band from Ijevan, the capital of Tavush province, some 30 minutes from Sarigyugh. We first heard of Project SARI during the preparations for SԱRI FEST 2019. Not only did we perform at the festival, we were amazed at the efforts of the community to make it a success. The children are incredibly brave, talented and involved. We have been volunteering with the NGO ever since, providing all sorts of assistance to Lucine and her team, from transport to music workshops and disco afternoons in the open field. We love spending time in Sarigyugh. We know everyone by now. The project is a fresh breeze and an inspiration for many.



Lucine Ellarian

Founding Director

I spend most of my time traveling to and from Armenia. I'm based in the Netherlands where I work as a project manager and producer in the music and art industry. Occasionally I teach philosophy as a guest lecturer. I love traveling, making music and playing silly games with children. 


Gert Jan van Veen


I've been involved with the NGO since May of 2019. I studied Business Administration with Lucine in 2008 and we've been friends ever since. I'm an officer in the Dutch Navy and lucky enough to travel the world for work. I love hiking, white wine and sunny beaches. 


Artjom Ellarian


I have been involved with this dream my sister had even before the Foundation was established. She returned from Armenia and I could see that something had changed. She was determined and inspired to make a difference. I'm very proud and excited for the future.