The 10th class

I had been meeting people outside while walking around in Sarigyugh, shepherds in the fields, the baker at the bakery, women near the well, but one day I decided to step into the middle school and say hi, so I did. I managed to find the principals office. She told me about several renovations that took place in the school during the last few years, one of which was done by the students themselves! I had to meet them.

We went down the hall, into a room. Freshly painted walls, clean desks and beautiful hardwood floors. They were proud to tell me about how they managed to mobilize their parents and the school's staff to renovate their classroom in the middle of summer holidays. They had made a visual project plan full of inspiring milestones and they left if hanging on the wall. I was surprised, we became friends.

We went for a coffee later that week, managed to know each other and worked on several projects in Sarigyugh together. Now we are thinking of a project of our own, a gift from (now) 11th class to the community.

- Lucine Ellarian

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