Dreamwork is Teamwork

We only needed a volley net, that's what we thought until we actually went to see the field...

Some youngsters in Sarigyugh like to play volleyball but since there was no net, no balls and the field measurements were shared with the miniature football field next to it, they didn't. Until one day some of us started cleaning the field from rocks, garbage and animals. Others joined, without knowing what the plan was. In the end of the day, we had a clean but now visibly crooked field, we were tired, we laughed and went home to sleep.

The next day we came together again, to my surprise, with much more people. The mayor joined the activities, so did the sports teacher, who was incredible excited by the way, and others who were interested what was going on. We measured the field according to official measurements, filled the holes, replanted the poles, sanded and painted them. We were content but there was still no net and no ball, I had to go buy it in Yerevan.

The opening match was played during SԱRI FEST 2019.

- Lucine Ellarian

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