Shining eyes

Hi, I'm the fifth piece of the puzzle. I want to tell you that from the very beginning our main goal was to revive the deceased cultural life in Tavush region. The cart has been moving from its place from time to time, but our expectations have never been met and I think it's unnecessary to speak about any support. In 2019 we refused to play any games that were offered to us and started to create our own game, with our own rules.

All that began when we learned about this event in Sarigyugh, which was set up to draw attention to the reconstruction of the cultural centre of the community. The idea was wonderful and seemed impossible because of many decades of declining cultural life in the region. We have been disappointed many times and believed only in ourselves. But all the members of the group had the greatest desire to invest all their experience and talents for the sake of having one child smile, because the community had not see any cultural event during the past decade.

All of Armenia heard about "SԱRI FEST", the event page went viral on facebook. Because of mutual respect and sincerity coming from all of us, a team was formed which managed to organize a festival with limited financial resources, one that was not organized by any person or organization with sufficient resources. The reason was one: everything was done with an immense amount of love.

During the preparations of the event, various community groups, different sexes, ages and social classes considered it their duty to contribute to a fairy tale, a mysterious and diverse holiday celebrated in Sarigyugh.

But the most striking and miraculous phenomenon we have seen from the stage. It was the hundreds of old and young eyes filled with joy. We have seen crucial consequences because of "SԱRI FEST", we proved the impossible is possible. And "SԱRI FEST" gave us Lucine, whom we now consider a piece of the puzzle.

Finally, I would like to mention that Project SARI is of fundamental importance to us, we are going to do everything and anything to increase the amount of shining eyes.

- Gi En Ti, P5P

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