Project SARI is a Dutch foundation active in Armenia since Januari 2019.

The foundation is established by Lucine Ellarian in order to initiate and promote community capacity building and cultural projects in and around the town of Sarigyugh. Check out projects in 2019 for full context of projects carried out past year.


Due to Covid-19 precautions we postponed all 2020 programs indefinitely. 


In the meantime, we work behind the scenes to secure the foundations of our organization, strengthen existing partnerships, create new collaborations, map and monitor opportunities within the community and execute online projects. 


We are constantly looking for new team members։ artists, musicians, actors, animators, writers, photographers, designers, architects, sculptors, hikers, entrepreneurs, gardeners, volunteers, students, passionate travelers and curious tourists


Are you sick of partying in Ibiza and do you want to spend your holidays more effective and mindful in an alternative country while contributing to an incredible, local project that truly makes a difference? Then you should join us in Armenia! We have great accommodations, delicious food and lots of work to do! Many people went before you, check out the testimonials.

If you're a local professional, volunteer or student in any of the fields mentioned above, get in touch! We are waiting to get to know you!



Support us by donating or help us fund raise for a space to work in.

There is no physical space in Sarigyugh to carry out community activities. Most activities we organized up until now took place outside, on the streets, on the football field and in the school yard. This makes our work season depending and vulnerable due to the lack of privacy and save space for the children attending. Some generous institutes, like the local kinder garden, allow us to use a room within specific time frames, terms, conditions and rules.

We are determined to renovate (a part of) the old cultural center and make it a public platform for community activity. As you can see, it used to be a majestic venue that we reclaimed to transform and create a platform serving each member of the community.