Corporation are finding a way to be socially accountable and conscious of the kind of impact they are having on all aspects of society, including economic, social, cultural and environmental.


Is your corporation interested in increasing its social responsibility? 

Does your corporation think of investing in a public cause and supporting a small and transparent NGO?


Is your corporation aware of possible tax benefits when supporting a public cause?


Get in touch! We would gladly discuss possibilities for a potential partnership.


We value individual initiatives and believe in dreaming, working and learning together. Therefore we invest in personal growth and provide professional guidance to our team members.

Our team currently consists of a board, visiting (inter)national artists and other professionals and local volunteers.


We have several (long and short term) vacancies throughout the year. Keep an eye on our social media pages for specific announcements. 


We always accept volunteers. Get in touch to explain your motivation and how you see yourself within the team. We love new ideas and fresh perspective from all over the world!


In order to create sustainable structures and have a lasting impact on the community, we collaborate intensely with local governmental organisations; the municipality, educational institutions and sporadically with the regional and national governments. 

To assure high quality standards within our programs we also partner with several (inter)national NGOs who specialize in a certain field we provide; music education, train the trainer programs, micro credits etc.

We are eager to explore new strategic partnerships and encourage you to reach out and explore the possibilities!




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