Project SARI



Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and following the guidelines of the Armenian government, we postponed most of our events planned for 2020, indefinitely. We are closely monitoring the situation in Armenia and support the national policies by taking responsibility in keeping our communities safe.

In the meantime, our team is working behind the scenes to secure the foundations of our organization, to strengthen existing partnerships and creating new collaborations with local and international organisations, to map and monitor several aspects of the communities we work with and to create a sustainable platform for self-expression, resource sharing and community building. We need your help to continue!


Project SARI is a Dutch foundation providing resources that help empower the communities in and around the town of Sarigyugh, Armenia, by (1) investing in community capacity building and cultural projects and (2) supporting local, individual and collective initiatives driven by a similar purpose and vision. 


We focus operations on 3 main demographic groups; (1) children and youth, (2) women and (3) young (aspiring) entrepreneurs. We believe the key to a financially stable, culturally flourishing, tolerant and open community lies within them. 


Create an inclusive and self sustaining community platform that passionately promotes creating, learning and celebrating.


A vibrant community where every member thrives with sufficient resources to pursue their dreams successfully. 


Creativity | Stability

Tolerance | Curiosity

Collaboration | Fun

Sustainability | Trust

Unity | Healing

Our current priority is to renovate (a part) of the old cultural center (venue in the video) in order to re-establish a cultural program for over 380 children and youngsters in the region. We need your support to achieve this goal! Check out all the ways you can contribute and get involved. 

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